1150 years Tavannes

05.03.2016 – 10.12.2016

The first time the town Tavannes was mentioned in a written text, was in 866, in a royal act of the King Lothaire II. In this document figures also for the first time the town of Sonceboz. These two villages will today organise together multiple manifestations to celebrate their birthdays.

Spread out through the seasons, Tavannes’ events will start on the 5th of March with a photo contest, a guided tour of the theatre and a presentation of the memorial book. Sonceboz will be the guest of honour at the 60th Seasons Celebration (Fête des saisons). A giant party between the two villages will be held in autumn at Pierre-Pertuis.

Guided tours of the theatre
Free (offered by the municipality)
Language: French
Duration: 1.5h

Saturday 5th of March 2016, 15h00
Episode 1: Henri Frédéric Sandoz, to serve you

M. Sandoz is a queer character with a bitter language and gaze! Greatness and decadence of the “baron” of Tavannes, who, in 1910 leads with an iron hand an economic empire and cultivates an art of living between luxury and restraint. Inspired by reel events.
Rendezvous at the Villa Sandoz

Sunday 12th of June 2016, 10h00
Episode 2: Behind every tree hides a unionist

But, I give them work! Henri Sandoz’s gaze is the strategy to woo the unionists. No struggle for power but… Inspired by reel events.
Rendezvous in the garden in front of the Terminus. 

Saturday 25th of June 2016, 10h00 – Episode 1
Saturday 15th of December 2016, 15h00 – Episode 2

Marcel Wüthrich
Conseiller municipal
Président du comité d’organisation du 1150ème
Municipalité de Tavannes
Grand-Rue 1
2710 Tavannes
T. +41 (0)32 482 60 40