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Vent du Nord

I’ve always loved huskies and my experience at the Vent du Nord certainly did not disappoint me. After having spent time with the dogs, we were ready to set off for our moonlight adventure. The huskies, in great shape, pulled us through the little Nordic paradise of the bernese Jura hills. It was like being in a fantastic film!

A complete change of scenery assured.

Visit the dog kennel and get to know the dog pack by playing games with them and doing canicross. For families, groups and classes.

Sporty hike with huskies – The huskies will lead you through the magnificent landscapes of the Franches-Montagnes. Well suited for snowshoeing in winter.

Moonshine hike with the huskies –well suited for snowshoeing in winter.

Mushers’ aperitif
Visiting the dogs, “Câlins-Malins©” and aperitif around a campfire with our friendly huskies.

An unforgettable birthday
Activities, animations, decorations. For children from 7 to 14 years.


Winter magic

  • romantic sleigh ride with a large team of huskies, as a couple
  • Sleigh ride

Husky Expériences blanches
Discover the Jura region by navigating a sledge dog cart through the snowy white landscape.

Husky Expériences vertes
Slip into the role of a musher who prepares his dogs for the winter and let the huskies pull you on a cart or scooter.

Manage to pass the obstacle trail by foot or on a scooter pulled by seldge dogs.

A FatBike is a off-road bicycle with oversized tyres. It allows safe riding on all types of terrain such as grass, mud, roots or snow.

Sensation Trappeurs
Spend the night in a real trapper tent! An unforgettable experience!

Vent du Nord
La Chaux 10
2722 Les Reussilles
T. +41 (0)78 858 35 58