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SwitzerlandMobility: Mountainbiking

Chasseral - Weissenstein Bike (route No. 44)

“We decided to spend two days doing this itinerary, which is one of the most impressive in Switzerland. The views over the Three-Lakes-Region, and in the background the snow caped Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, is amazing. The landscapes are endlessly varied and I can hardly believe that so much natural beauty exists so close to cities such as Neuchâtel, Biel and Solothurn. I also enjoyed learning more about the small Pierre Pertuis pass traversal, which was already in use in Roman times”.


Section 1: Neuchâtel - Sonceboz
Distance: 38 km
Gradient: 1050 m

Section 2: Sonceboz - Solothurn
Distance: 49 km
Gradient: 1200 m
Moderate (in the other sense: difficult)

Good to know

  • The rull route comprises 2 sections between Neuchâtel and Solothurn 
  • Uphill sections: Sonceboz - Solothurn approx. 5 min. / Solothurn - Sonceboz approx. 10 min.


Profile of section Nr. 1, Neuchâtel - Nods - Sonceboz | PDF, 85 kB
Profile of section Nr. 2, Sonceboz - Métairie de Werdt - Soleure | PDF, 88 kB
Profile of route Nr. 44 | PDF, 85 kB
Mountainbike Trails | PDF, 6.31 MB
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SwitzerlandMobility: Mountainbiking

Chasseral - Weissenstein Bike (route No. 44)