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The anabaptists archive

As societies develop, there will often be minorities being persecuted and excluded. To understand these derivatives that constantly change form and recipient, it is important to grasp their mechanisms through facts.

In Switzerland, the history of the Anabaptists illustrates the problem. These people were persecuted through different forms, more or less from the start of the Reform in Zurich (16th century) till the apparition of the modern Federal State (19th century). Many Anabaptists had to leave the country, while others stayed on the Jura heights that were at that time part of the “Evêché de Bâle” till 1815. During the 20th century and beginning of the 21st, a reconciliation and memory work was done between the Anabaptists, called today Mennonites, Churches and other faiths. At first there were individual initiatives then later came collective efforts.

In the bernese Jura, the Chapel of Jean Gui shelters the “Archives and library of the Swiss Mennonite conference” where one can find original documents and objects, witnesses to this history. The chapel is situated on the route between La Tanne and Le Jeanbrenin. The archives can be visited by following the hike of the Anabaptists Path. It’s impressive to discover that even in need and with difficult climates conditions, these people managed to make a life for themselves up on the Jura Mountains. 


  • Guided visits on request (groups or individuals)
  • Language of the visits : French, German, English
  • CHF 15.00 per person
  • Duration: approximately 1h30

Good to know

  • Information and reservations for the bundle “Chemin des Anabaptistes” here
  • Reservations for the archives visit ; only at this address:

    T. +41 (0)79 797 33 53

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