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Moulin de Vies, Lamboing

As soon as I arrived at the Moulin de Vies centre, the calm, peaceful and loving energy of the place took all the weight off my shoulders and the smell of essential oils calmed and soothed my mind. I was ready to start my session. In an Asian-inspired interior, I treated myself to a steam room, sauna, massage and shiatsu, my soul reconnecting with my body. I felt blissful. Leaving the wellbeing centre, I looked around. Indeed, this exceptional venue is set in the perfect area, surrounded by nature.

Without a doubt, my body thanks me for this day I am not ready to forget.


The Moulin de Vies centre offers:

  • Consulting sessions and individual cures with five experienced therapists and doctors.
  • SPAAromatic cures (health by water): Sauna, hammam, Japanese baths.
  • Zen Aroma Cocoon cures: massages, shiatsu, aroma-cupping, relaxation, breathing, colonic irrigation and other methods.
  • Holistic cures and consultations, dedicated to adults and children in naturopathy, radiesthesia, paediatrics.
  • Working groups and sessions... for an understanding of natural health for adults and children, in groups of 5 to 15 people. Learn, discover and improve your well-being and general health: aromatic massages, shiatsu, soft-touch… “Raw” and “alive” cooking, aromatherapy, tai-chi, cupping.
  • Cooking courses, raw and bio for adults and specific courses in healthy cooking for children every month.

Moulin de Vies
Chemin des Moulins 1
2516 lamboing, plateau de diesse
T. +41 (0)32 535 79 79

Moulin de Vies, Lamboing

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