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Giftbaskets from the Bernese Jura, certified products

"Local specialities are made according to strict standards that are scrupulously respected by the makers because they know that the quality of their products depends on it. A region with a particular climate, mountain pastures and idyllic, wild and natural forests is the ideal land for making exceptional products. I often give local specialities as presents; people love them and they’re always appreciated for their true worth."


Local products of the Bernese Jura are available in 3 different hampers:

  • Erguël CHF 50.00 (1/2 Tête de Moine, syrup, dried sausage, dried apples, jam, herbal tea, biscuits, toffees).
  • Prévôté CHF 65.00 (1/2 Tête de Moine, syrup, dried sausage, dried vegetables, dried apples, jelly, honey, toffees, biscuits, herbal tea).
  • Chasseral CHF 80.00 (1/2 Tête de Moine, white or red wine, dried sausage, surprise vegetables, dried apples, dried vegetables, honey, jelly, biscuits, herbal tea, toffees).

In addition, there exist two giftbags composed of 100% “Swiss Parks” products:

  • The Field giftbag CHF 22.00 (caramels, primrose or elderberry cordiale, boiled sausage, cheese from the Jura Montagne)
  • The Monk giftbag CHF 30.00 (1/2 Tête de Moine, « Pavé des moines », Pinot Noir from La Cave de Berne)

Good to know

Parc régional Chasseral
Place de la Gare 2
2610 St-Imier
T. +41 (0) 32 942 39 49

Fromagerie des Reussilles SA
Mme Claude Liengme
Le Saucy 24a
2722 Les Reussilles
T. +41 (0) 32 487 46 14

Boucher de campagne
M. Stéphane Oester
Vieil Essert 51
2745 Grandval
T. +41 (0) 76 317 08 10

Mme Heidi Tschannen
Le Quart-Dessous 3
2606 Corgémont
T. +41 (0) 32 489 27 52

Giftbaskets from the Bernese Jura, certified products

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