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Lötschberg (route No. 64)

“It is cold this morning, but the blue skies are promising. I am excited about this ride, which will lead us through the Jura. Between the two points chosen, we covered many miles, admiring nature with a great sense of freedom... After Tavannes with its Roman road, we cross the ever-wonderful gorges before reaching Moutier, a welcoming small town that we are delighted to pass through.”


Section 3: Bienne - (by train) - Sonceboz - Col de Pierre Pertuis - Tavannes - Bévilard - Court - Moutier - Delémont
Distance: 37 km
Gradient: 220 m


Good to know

  • The full route comprises 4 sections (190 km) between Kandersteg and Boncourt.
  • SwitzerlandMobility recommends taking the train between Biel and Sonceboz.


Cycling and e-biking paradise | PDF, 40.95 MB
Profile of section 3 | PDF, 138 kB
Profile of route No. 64 | PDF, 174 kB
VELOguide Vallée de Tavannes | PDF, 10.85 MB
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Lötschberg (route No. 64)

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