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Chemin du Jura bernois (route No. 91)

The first surprise of this hike is the Moron Tower (Tour de Moron). Designed by the famous architect Mario Botta, it still brings you a sense of wonder every time. Then come the landscapes. Impressive and varied, they bring you to the city of La Chaux- de-Fonds passing through combined green landscapes and dark gorges, rocky basins and small picturesque towns, huddled on the edges of the valley. This route also brings you a wide variety of fine local food and drinks.


Section 1: Moutier - Sornetan
Duration: 5 hrs 45 min
Distance: 18 km
Gradient: 950 m

Section 2: Sornetan - Tramelan
Duration: 4 hrs 25 min
Distance: 15 km
Gradient: 520 m

Section 3: Tramelan - St-Imier
Duration: 4 hrs 10 min
Distance: 15 km
Gradient: 580 m

Section 4: St-Imier - La Chaux-de-Fonds
Duration: 4 hrs 20 min
Distance: 17 km
Gradient: 300 m

Technically easy (walking path), physically: moderate

Good to know

  • The full route comprises 4 sections (64 km) betwenn Moutier and La Chaux-de-Fonds.
  • Panoramic view from the tower of Moron which was designed by Mario Botta.
  • The tasty Tête de Moine cheese is produced in 9 cheese dairies in the Jura and Bernese Jura. Three of them are open to the public. The Domaine de Bellelay cheese dairy takes you through the history of the Tête de Moine.
  • Mt-Crosin and Mt-Soleil are home to one of the largest renewable energy centres; guided tours of the power stations are available. A beautiful walking path, called the discovery path, connects the two power stations.


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Chemin du Jura bernois (route No. 91)

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