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Connection way Basel - Jura - Three-Lakes

No sooner had we left the Rhine and the big city behind us than we were crossing a broad-backed, rolling ridge from which we had a great view of the blue mountains of the Black Forest and the Vosges in the distance and of the Jura range before us. Our hike took us past places of pilgrimage and monasteries, across pastures and through woods to one last gorge before the plain suddenly opened up in front of us. We walked on through vineyards and beside a blue lake, looking at little old townships on the way before coming to another lake. After visiting the ruins of an ancient Roman town, we soon reached a former abbey, founded over a thousand years ago, where we quickly found a signpost pointing us towards Santiago de Compostela.

Dominik Wunderlin, curator museum of cultures in Basel

6 sections in the Bernese Jura:

Section 7: Delémont - Mount-Raimeux : 18 km
Duration: 6 hrs 30 min.
Gradient: 800 m

Section 8: Mount-Raimeux - Moutier - Perrefitte : 12 km
Duration: 3 hrs 30 min.
Gradient: 700 m

Section 9: Perrefitte - Bellelay : 16 km
Duration: 5 hrs 10 min.
Gradient: 344 m

Section 10: Bellelay - Sonceboz : 11 km
Duration: 3 hrs 10 min.
Gradient: 280 m

Section 11: Sonceboz - Bienne : 18 km
Duration: 4 hrs 40 min.
Gradient: 220 m

Section 12: Bienne - La Neuveville : 16 km
Duration: 4 hrs 20 min.
Gradient: 54 m

Moderate to difficult (Sections 1 and 2)

Good to know

  • The full route comprises 16 Sections (225 km) between Basel and Payerne.
  • The connecting path from Basel to the Jura is an alternative, linking the sections of the St-Jacques route with the Via Jacobi, which passes through Switzerland across the Plateau.


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Connection way Basel - Jura - Three-Lakes

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