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Jura Ridgetrail, Dielsdorf, Frinvillier, Chasseral, Nyon (route No. 5)

“Elisa loves walking, so we decided to cover four stages of the Jura ridgeway together. We left on Thursday morning, travelling by train to Oberdorf and by chair lift to the Weissenstein. I am thoroughly enjoying this long adventure with my friend. Seeing the Bernese Alps, the Black Forest and the Vosges in the distance and passing close by steep cliffs, deep caves and peaceful springs and forests was absolutely marvellous. We spent four happy days talking, suffering a little on the major ascents and, most of all, admiring a beautiful region in its endless diversity.”


Section 6: Weissenstein – Frinvillier
Duration: 7 hrs 50 min.
Distance: 24 km
Gradient: 800 m

Section 7: Frinvillier – Chasseral
Duration: 6 hrs 10 min.
Distance: 17 km
Gradient: 1500 m

Section 8: Chasseral – Vue des Alpes
Duration: 6 hrs
Distance: 20 km
Gradient: 680 m

Technically: easy (walking path)
Physically: from difficult (sections 6 and 7) to moderate (section 8)

Good to know
The full route comprises 15 sections between Dielsdorf and Nyon


Hiking Trails | PDF, 6.38 MB
Profil of section 6 | PDF, 115 kB
Profil of section 7 | PDF, 109 kB
Profil of section 8 | PDF, 113 kB
Profile of route No. 5 | PDF, 347 kB
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Jura Ridgetrail, Dielsdorf, Frinvillier, Chasseral, Nyon (route No. 5)

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