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Nature trail, Bellelay

“I was familiar with the abbey, but it is also surrounded by an impressive variety of nature. High marshlands, caves and streams, peat bogs and the pond are just some of the treasures I would never have thought of finding here. What a pleasure to discover the nature trail that winds its way between the marshes and the nature reserve. I stopped near to the pond, which was rippling in the light breeze. There was not the slightest sound to disturb the silence.”


Itinerary: Bellelay
Distance of walk A, 2.5 km
Distance of walk B, 2 km
Distance of walk C, 5.5 km
Duration: A 1 hr, B 1 hr, C 2-3 hr
Gradient: 0 m


Good to know

  • All of these natural treasures deserve to be seen. They can be accessed along the nature trail, a route marked with information signs and observation platforms.
  • Picnic spots.
  • Documentation: the Bellelay nature trail booklet is available for CHF 3.- at Jura bernois Tourism.
  • Thre is good museum about the history of the Tête de Moine cheese in Bellelay.
  • Maison de la Tête de Moine : Tête de Moine museum accommodation for individuals and groups, rooms for seminars.
  • Bellelay riding centre offers lessons and rents out stalls for those who arrive with their own horse. The riding centre does great presentations to groups.
  • The abbey of Bellelay is used as an art exhibition centre in the summer and guided tours of the abbey are very popular from March to October (it’s too cold during the winter).


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Nature trail, Bellelay

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