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Pierre Pertuis theme trail in Tavannes

"One beautiful morning in late autumn I decided to visit the famous Pierre Pertuis rock tunnel. There are many interesting facts to be discovered about the source of the Birs and its peculiarities. As I walk along the path, I come across information panels with texts of poets and writers, one of them Goethe, who had also passed by here at one point in the past. The texts were translated into dialect and are beautifully illustrated. Furthermore, the panels present geological facts and details about the origin of the rock tunnel, which all of a sudden appears before me, and about the Roman road of old times."


Route: Source of the Birs - Pierre Pertuis pass
Duration: 10 minutes (+ time to read the panels)
Distance : 500 m
Gradient: 60 m


Good to know

  • 4 panels (source of the Birs, literature and history, geology, Roman road).
  • Visit of the source of the Birs.
  • Parking area near the source of the Birs.
  • It is possible to hike the complete marked trail from the train station of Tavannes to Sonceboz:
    Train station Tavannes - source of the Birs: 15 minutes
    Source of the Birs - Pierre Pertuis pass: 10 minutes
    Pierre Pertuis - Sonceboz (train station): 35 minutes.


Parcours didactique de Pierre-Pertuis (Pierre Pertuis theme trail) | PDF, 6.48 MB
La Transjurane romaine | PDF, 1.57 MB
Hiking trails | PDF, 6.38 MB

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Pierre Pertuis theme trail in Tavannes

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