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Stand up Paddle, La Neuveville

 "A fascinating discovery! This sport is practised on the water surface, standing on a surfboard while using a paddle. It is possible to practice it in calm waters or as if surfing on the waves. I left La Neuveville and moved along the shore towards Chavannes. Initially, it was about keeping balance and paddling quietly. That morning, the lake was calm and I quickly got onto my board with ease. I greatly enjoyed the shore and vineyards in the distance and the omnipresent silence. I stopped several times to take a swim and then returned to La Neuveville."


The boards are similar to surf boards and you stand while using your arms to paddle. SUP (Stand Up Paddling) is practised in different types of waters (lakes, seas, rivers). This sport was born in Polynesia where fishers move around standing on their canoes.

Good to know

  • can be enjoyed at all ages.
  • board, adjustable paddle and life jacket: CHF 20.00/hour
  • After that, for every additional 15 minutes: CHF 5.00

Au Bordu
Case postale 508
2520 La Neuveville
T. +41 (0) 79 644 81 34

Stand up Paddle, La Neuveville

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